Range beauty foundation was created by Alicia Scott. I wish I could exactly remember how I was introduced to this line, but since my brain is the size of a nat nothing is coming to mind. What I do know It was on Instagram. I was intrigued first to know that this is a beauty brand that Is owned by a black woman. 

Alicia not only cares about having a sufficient shade range but also cares about ingredients. This resonates with me since I’m always trying to find my next “holy grail” foundation that doesn’t break me out. 

Plus, since we both share the same first name I was all for it to hear what this line is all about. Alicia on rangebeauty.com says why she created Range Beauty. It was for this reason.

“I was tired of feeling left out when I walked the makeup aisles. Not only was my complexion not represented, but I couldn’t find any products that wouldn’t inflame my eczema and acne-prone skin. I started Range Beauty to ensure the Forgotten Shades are always remembered.” – Alicia Scott

So we see, what’s so nice about Range Beauty is that Alicia took into account different skin conditions that make it harder for you to find a foundation that works for your delicate skin.

range beauty


Range Beauty foundation comes in 21 beautiful shades from Paloma the lightest shade to Midnight sun for deeper skin ladies. Range Beauty Foundations won’t have talc, sulfate, phthalate, synthetic dye, petrochemical, or synthetic fragrance. What you will find are non-toxic ingredients like:

  • Calendula & Cornflower Extracts: These extracts have antibacterial properties to treat and prevent eczema and acne.
  • Chamomile Extract acts as an anti-irritant and soothes the skin.
  • Contains Kaolin (French Clay) which keeps oil at bay and restores skin that’s been damaged by frequent outbreaks of acne.

Therefore, we see that Range Beauty Foundation utilizes botanicals in their makeup to take care of your skin while you wear it.  As for their packaging, it is sleek, efficient, and lux. It’s also eco-friendly so it can be recycled without damaging the environment. 

range beauty foundation

How To Use

Apply after True Intentions Bronzing Primer. For sheer coverage, apply with hands. For buildable, medium coverage, apply with brush or sponge.





I give this The Green Light for a few reasons. First I was able to find my shade. I usually have a hard time finding my shade but Alicia has gotten it figured out. I’m the shad Rio for deep tan and olive undertones.

The coverage to me is medium to full coverage. Yet, your skin won’t look cakey


It costs $21. For me, that is a steal. I hate to use that terminology but some foundations are so expensive and the payoff is very lackluster. Range Beauty Foundation is not. You get so much product and the color, and consistency is very nice. 

There is true value here with this foundation. After all, it is always sold out on their website, cause it’s that good. Also, you can find Range Beauty Foundation now on target.com

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