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The L.A. Glow
Woodland Hills • SINCE 2018


Facials & skin care treatments dedicated to glowing skin. Step away from your busy world and engage in a unique vibrant organic botanical facial experience leaving a feeling of tranquility and a touch of luxury. I have designed a facial menu which focuses on customization, natural products and hands on facial massage techniques that induces a state of total calmness and restore the sense of wellbeing. My treatments range from relaxing to correcting from acne (scars), discoloration, aging spots, anti-aging and that radiant glow

Facials & Skin Care Treatments

  • Refresh Facial
  • $100,00

    Fixed Price
  • For dry skin that lacks hydration. Herbal super antioxidants deeply hydrate your skin and help with moisture retention.
  • Anti-aging Facial
  • $175,00

    Fixed Price
  • Tighten, firm, improve fine lines. Designed for a relaxing, natural face lifting experience for those injectable-like results.
  • Complexion Facial
  • $100,00

    Fixed Price
  • Achieve an even and toned complexion. Targeting hyperpigmention, sunspots, blemishes and more.
The L.A. Glow

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The L.A. Glow
woodland hills • since 2018• facials

My story

I WAS BORN WITH A CREATIVE STREAK THAT CONSTANTLY NEEDED TO BE FED. I love artistic things. For me, becoming a visual effects artist was the perfect profession. Initially, I enjoyed the work. I loved the freedom of being a freelance artist. I even won an Emmy and worked on big budget movies and tv shows. In time, I realized the work was no longer nourishing my creative soul. I was ready for something new and exciting. For me that was Skin Care!