Welcome to the Glow Skincare Report. In my practice, I am always recommending products based upon my client’s needs, wants, skin health, and desired skincare routine. It’s pretty much my job, and I love every minute of it. There are so many products to choose from in the market that it can be overwhelming. Many just don’t know where to start. I get common questions like, What is a toner? What is the purpose of an AHA? What is an Antioxidant Serum? Does this clear my acne?


The Best Skincare



Well, I’m here to help. Below is The Glow Skincare Report, a conclusive list of some of my favorite products broken down by skincare category, all in one place to be shared, saved, emailed, and be referred back to you at any time. I will continue to add to this list or take away when I find new products that have proven to yield results and bring balance to various skin conditions.

I have made sure that I have products that will support different budgets and income levels so, no one is left out.

Under each category, you will find links to products that correlate. Simply click the link of the image and, it will take you automatically to that product page. Enjoy and healthy skin to you.

“Below are affiliate product links which I make a small compensation from any sales. Having said that, I only promote those products that I have investigated and truly feel deliver value to you. I truly appreciate your support and trust in my knowledge and expertise.”



With an aromatic treatment, our sense of smell triggers emotions and our senses are awakened. As the stress hormone cortisol spikes, your body holds on to inflammation– which often shows up in the face. Because of this using an aromatic scent helps to calm and ease the mind and body to begin to receive the rest of your skincare routine to follow.



I never miss this step in my cleansing routine. These cleansers are best suited for sensitive skin types. It can help when you have been wearing makeup and your skin requires an extra cleanse. I always add this to my double cleanse process of cleansing the face.





Creamy or milk-based cleansers are generally recommended for mature, dry, normal, dehydrated skin. Their role is to moisturize and hydrate as they clean.





It’s literally the best of both worlds: an exfoliator and cleanser combined together. It helps to nourish and cleanse the complexion and improve skin texture. I would suggest using this type of cleanser 2-3 times per week.





Toners are used to tighten and tone the pores of the skin, remove any traces of cleanser and prepare your skin to receive moisturizing agents.





Essences are a specifically targeted treatment that helps enhance and creates the perfect environment on the skin for full absorption of any layered serums or creams on top. They are thinner than oil yet not as thin as water. They are powerfully packed liquids that penetrate into the skin.





If your skin is textured and you’re looking to smooth skin so you can go foundation-free, then a resurfacing mask will work wonders. It removes dead skin cells, regenerates cell turnover, dull hyperpigmentation, and clears pores — leaving you with smoother, more even skin. They are strong and effective but don’t worry you won’t peel with this product. However, I would suggest it only be used once a week. These masks feature potent ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that exfoliate the surface of the skin and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) that work deep below the surface.





“We all have a breakout from time to time, that’s why you need a treatment to break down buildup & decongest skin for a renewed radiance. These masks purge pores of impurities to help fight the visible effects of pollution. Best for blocked pores or oily skin. This mask works wonders by removing pore buildup, without stripping skin of moisture.




Having hydrated skin helps give the skin a glowy glow. Hydrating face masks are a perfect way of rejuvenating your skin. These nourish or treat the skin and are beneficial for sensitive, couperose, aging, or dry skin. They often contain hyaluronic acid and humectants, and they have a strong moisturizing effect delivering thirst-quenching hydration.




Having a huge pimple can be a major bummer I know but these treatments will treat clogged pores (blackheads, whiteheads). These treatments are designed to condition the skin, especially during sleep, when normal tissue repair is taking place.




Antioxidant Serums are key because they help to counteract and reduce the effects of free radicals that contribute to aging. They can protect the skin from the effects of UV Rays and blue lights coming from computer screens and cell phones. Natural antioxidants are found in vitamins A, C, and E.





Hydrating Serums visibly provides intensive, penetrating hydration. It is the catalyst to healthy glowing skin. It helps alleviate and rejuvenate dry and irritated skin. They contain concentrated and specialized ingredients designed for effective penetration into the skin. Think of them as the worker bees of any skincare line.





Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are naturally occurring mild acids used as chemical exfoliants to slough off dead skin cells to help retexturize skin and even skin tone allowing brighter-looking skin to emerge. Glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, and tartaric are AHA’s are the best hydroxy acids for signs of aging as they focus their effects on the skin’s surface. It exfoliates, and stimulates collagen to increase firmness and elasticity, for thicker, more supple skin. It also restores skin hydration. If you have a more sensitive skin type I would recommend lactic or glycolic acid. I recommend Mandelic acid for skin of color that is derived from bitter almonds.





Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic) acts as an exfoliant to increase the shedding of dead skin cells. BHAs provide gentle chemical exfoliation that fights through oil and buildup to help clean, clear, and minimize the look of pores. BHA are oil soluble so they can penetrate oily pores and exfoliate the pore itself which helps manage conditions that involve blocked or clogged pores. It even prevents breakouts before they occur. BHA works great for skin that is more sensitive. You can use it every night and can incorporate it into a daily routine.





This is your go-to if Acids are too much for your skin. Enzymes are designed to dissolve keratin proteins on the surface of the skin to make it softer, and smoother, diminish hyperpigmentation, and help maintain the hydration level of the epidermis.




These treatments are for everyone looking to treat dark circles, and fine lines, diminish puffiness or give the eye area a boost of hydration. Eye gels, balms, masks, and creams are specifically designed and formulated for the thinner, delicate tissues that surround the eye area. They help maintain and stave off premature lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet for brighter youthful eyes.




Facial oils are used to add moisture, nutrition, and balance to the skin. They are packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, and essential vitamins to feed and fortify your skin’s barrier.





Moisturizers feed and strengthen your skin with oils and emollients. Moisturizers are like icing on a cake that locks in hydration and protects the surface of the skin. Enhancing the overall effects and benefits of the products applied beneath it.




These are used to hydrate and plump the lips. Exfoliating and healing ingredients are also used in lip treatments.





Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun and free radicals. SPF measures the degree of protection a product provides against the sun’s UV rays. You can not skip this step.





These are some tools of the trade that I love that help encourage lymphatic drainage, stimulate circulation, remove toxins and congestion but also help reduce stress.





Our skin has the ability to absorb light. The energy that arises from light therapy engages the cells into producing more cellular fuel which boosts their overall performance. LED light therapy can reduce redness, increase circulation, reduce hyperpigmentation, reduce acne, and more.


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