The L.A. Glow is a platform that shows you how to be that leading lady of your own life. The darlings’ of the silver screen are still adored today not only for their acting skills but for how they carried themselves, their beauty, body language, dress, the whole package.

The L.A. Glow is where you will learn how to exude your true beauty.

Alicia, an Emmy Award-Winning Visual Effects Artist and founder of The L.A. Glow, worked in the movie business for 15 years. During that time, she created award-winning scenery for companies like HBO, Television Academy Emmy Awards, DC Comics, and Universal Studios as well as digitally glamorized A-list actors.


Nowadays, Alicia reveals the beauty secrets and knowledge she has gained as a licensed esthetician so that you can have that Golden Age Glam.

She will shine a light on how to “Get Glowing” from the inside out. Through positive affirmations, wellness, beauty, dress, and many more gems and surprises along the way you will discover how you too can radiate.

Join Alicia whether you know how to perfect a wing liner or just want a positive platform on skin, beauty, and old Hollywood beauty secrets. Now is the time to become that leading lady of your own life. As soon as the camera comes on you will be ready darling. Now, let’s go. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!!


Alicia Suggs

The L.A. Glow