Hi, I’m Alicia, the voice of The L.A. Glow. 

I’m an L.A. girl through and through. I worked in Hollywood, and I’m an Emmy Winning Visual Effects artist turned Esthetician. 

Living in Los Angeles comes with its own peculiar set of challenges. It can lead to stress without you realizing it until you look at your less-than-stellar skin. 

In L.A., 3.9 million people sit in gridlock traffic daily. Spending an hour plus commuting each day on the 405 or 101 freeway is nerve-racking. Honestly, a pimple on my forehead is forming thinking about it. 

Not to mention work deadlines, too. The fast-paced life of this city is no joke to your mental health.

As a Los Angeles native, and I’m sure other L.A. girls will vouch for me, we were all raised to take care of our skin and beauty routine. Beauty routines are a big deal, in part, because we live in a city of celebrities.

However, sometimes, life gets away from you, and you realize, like, OMG, what is happening to me. I look like Betty Davis from the movie “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane!” Over the top, maybe, but you realize you need to get your stuff together asap!

Well, babes, I got you. 

Here at the L.A. Glow, I have rounded up some of my favorites:

  • Self-care spots
  • Skincare tips
  • Well-Being Tips
  • Knew Products I’m Obsessed Over
  • Places to visit
  • Beauty routines 

Keep in mind; a skincare routine doesn’t always require fancy products or expensive tools. It’s about taking out quality time for yourself that counts. Self-care is everything!

There’s more to a California girl’s skincare routine than sunscreen and green juice (though they are the real MVPs). Here’s the secret: I want to help you make self-care a priority in your day-to-day life. It’s time to unwind, refocus, and GLOW because you are worth it. 

So, enjoy reading articles and watching videos from The L.A. Glow, a complete wellness platform from a real California girl.