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Alicia Suggs



My story

Alicia Suggs is a Visual Effects Artist turned Esthetician and the owner of The L.A. Glow Facial Studio. As a visual effects artist for 15 years, Alicia had a unique insight into making some of the biggest stars in the world look beautiful.

In Alicia’s words, “Hollywood has always carefully guarded its beauty magic tricks. They would hire people like me to digitally glamourize actors — a technique so real that almost every movie star has wanted to use it.”

In Hollywood it is called “beauty work.” Skilled digital artists use software in post-production to slim, de-age and enhance actors’ faces, perfect makeup, fix bad plastic surgery, sculpt sagging muscles and more.

Alicia decided to leave the world of digital beauty behind by becoming a Licensed Esthetician. She really focuses on the ingredients you put on topically, knowing that it’s important to your skin health. Alicia offers luxury facials while approaching it from a holistic point of view. I believe it’s important, at The L.A. Glow, to give you that relaxation you truly need while being pampered like the A-List celebrity you are.  

Before, I was able to digitally beautify the biggest stars in the world using visual effects, now I have the sheer gratification and glee to work on clients in real life seeing their true beauty shine…One Glow Up at a time!


Alicia Suggs

California Licensed Esthetician