Find The Best Foundation For Hyperpigmentation

Are you struggling with hyperpigmentation? It’s a pain I know. Many treatments help fade away these dark marks. But, sometimes, you need a quick fix to cover those scars. So I want to share some of the Best Foundation For Hyperpigmentation.

First of all, hyperpigmentation happens to almost everyone. UV rays stimulate the production of melanin and it can cause dark spots and patches on different areas of your skin. Hormonal changes can also cause hyperpigmentation, which can be a major pain. 

Don’t fret though this is when the power of makeup comes into play. First, I always preach that it’s first important to take care of your skin first, then makeup. Having clear skin makes everything so much easier including makeup application. However, at times we need to use makeup to cover our little spots here in there so we can have that complexion perfection. So what are the best foundation for hyperpigmentation? 

Those with Hyper-pigmented skin or those with acne scars should go for a stick or cream foundations. They perfectly camouflage discoloration, while leaving a natural-looking creamy finish. If you pick the right color it will blend so seamlessly that you rarely will need concealer as well.

Stick foundations

Stick foundations are a dream come true for those days when you need something to blend into your skin with no fuss like with a liquid foundation. It’s for that woman who wants extra coverage but can do it with ease and on the go.


Cream foundations

Cream foundations are great because not only does it create an even, uniform color to the complexion, cover flaws it is also great for those with mature skin. Cream foundations tend to stay shiny, which is great if you have dry skin.


Kjaer Weis – Cream Foundation – Illusion • Kjaer Weis • $68
RMS Beauty – “un” Cover-up – Shade 33 • RMS Beauty • $36
Cle de Peau Beaute – Radiant Cream To Powder Foundation Spf24 – O10 Very Light Ochre • Clé de Peau Beauté • $100
Serge Lutens – Spectral Cream Foundation – Ib40, 30ml • Serge Lutens • $175


As for me, I do like both stick and cream foundations. However, my go to is always a stick foundation. It is so easy and portable and fits in any bag I have. The color payoff is beautiful and the application looks like skin. My holy grail is Westman Atelier Vital Stick foundation in XI. The application is flawless it has all clean ingredients and my skin looks skin after every application. It also covers any discoloration I may have at the time.

WESTMAN ATELIER Vital Skin Foundation Stick - Atelier XI

Do you have a Best foundation for hyperpigmentation? Well, let’s connect then! Join the discussion and talk about all things beauty and makeup related topics with me by dropping a comment. Or also say hi on Instagram (@thelaglow)Youtube, or Pinterest @thelaglow.