GREEN LIGHT: U BEAUTY Resurfacing Compound

Product Green Light: U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

Tina Craig the founder of U Beauty has made a splash with her Resurfacing Compound product. It has already won awards for Best Anti-Aging Serum from Harpers Bazaar and it truly deserves the win.

It’s a smart formula of retinol, antioxidants, vitamin C, multi hydroxy, hyaluronic acid, and more. So it’s like does the work for at least 6 other products which is good for those who like to keep their skincare routine simple.

U-BEAUTY Resurfacing Compound

I decided to try out U Beauty Resurfacing Compound because I wanted to brighten, resurface, and tackle some hyperpigmentation that I have. What intrigued me first were all the claims it says it will do. They promise you will have smoother brighter, revitalized looking skin within only 3-6 days. Like what! That’s a bold promise. Next what caught my eye were the ingredients, it has one of my favorite acids, Mandelic Acid which I know yields amazing results. So after doing my due diligence I decided to order the sample size and I was amazed, the results were unreal.

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound sounded like truth serum and it is. They told the truth about all their claims. But I promise you within three days-dare I say in two- I saw a noticeable difference. I was speechless, shocked and overjoyed at the same time. My pores definitely diminished and my skin looked renewed and bright.

U Beauty is the truth and I give it the Green Light. It’s a go-ahead to buy this product you won’t be disappointed. I’m have bought a full size and I’m still literally obsessed with U Beauty Resurfacing Compound. It’s a highlight to my day when I apply this morning and night because I know I’m giving my skin exactly what it needs. The Best.