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Jones Road Beauty

I didn’t know until late last year that Bobbie Brown was no longer part of Bobbie Brown Makeup. She’s been gone for 4 years. Crazy especially since it dawns on her name but she has moved on to clean beauty. Enters Jones Road Beauty!!!  Applause!!!

jones road beauty

It seems like clean beauty with a minimalist twist is hitting big in 2021. It’s probably because 2020 was such a cluster everyone wants simplicity and ease. Plus everyone is interested in products that are good for inside and out since everything else in the world is trying to kill you.

So I’m excited about this new beauty line Jones Road Beauty. A lot of the products have a great multi-use. More bang of your buck which is good for everybody. Plus Bobbie mentions you don’t need everything in the makeup collection. You just need to try them out and see what best suits you.

I love the transparency because most lines claim you have to have every 50 millionth eyeshadow product they have put out in the span of 2 weeks. You guys know what I’m talking about. It gets to be too much for me and my wallet. That’s why I’m a minimalist now in the terms of makeup and beauty. You don’t need a lot to look cute you just have to learn to know what helps accentuate your best features.

Ok, I’m rambling. Enough about me, you can for Jones Road Beauty. 

What Is Jones Road Beauty?

jones road beauty

Bobbie Brown set to create something new, she says, 

“Jones Road was born from a search for something that didn’t yet exist. Because it didn’t exist, I had to create it. What I wanted was the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could be used to nail any look, whether it be no-makeup makeup or something with more drama. “

Amen to that. Jones Road Beauty is simple and smart. Products for all ages, skin types, and skin tones that help women achieve the no-makeup makeup look naturally. Let’s take a closer look at the products.


Jones Road Beauty Review


Miracle Cream

miracle cream

The miracle cream is for those that get very very dry. When you put on the miracle cream it gives you the right amount of moisture. Your skin will feel so much more alive. It’s emollient and is dense. When you warm it up in your fingers it comes to life. You put it on your face and neck, it makes a huge difference. Then you can take the extra and puts it on your hands. It is really for people with dry skin. Bobbie’s 80-year aunt says this is the best hydrating moisturizer she’s tried. OK shout out to Aunty! Haha!! It’s all-natural wonderful and perfect for dry skin that needs uber hydration.

SIDE NOTE: If you have oily skin, combination skin don’t buy it.


Eye Cream

With a gentle touch, apply the eye cream. It’s soft, emollient, and fluffy. Use just a little bit under your eyes it just smoothes everything out. It feels really good. It’s hydrating and is absorbed into your skin. 

NOTES: The eye cream is water and oil-based


Oil Stick

It smells amazing. Grapefruit essence is what you will smell. It’s a face oil in a stick. Genius I think so. When your skin is really dry, add to your lips. Dry during the day it’s the perfect pick me up. 

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba, apricot, rosehip. 


Hippie Stick

The hippie stick from Jones Road Beauty has botanical-infused essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, and orange. This has saved Bobbies’ son’s skin when he was skiing from the harsh elements. The hippie stick is amazing for nails and hair.


The Face Pencil

You use the face pencil to conceal where needed. It is a quick product to spot conceal. It covers redness and dark spots, correct discoloration, and lightens dark circles- while remaining virtually undetectable. 

Bobbie Browns Jones Road Beauty

In conclusion, what I have learned is that all of Jones Roads Beauty products are unisex. It’s great for guys too who need the right hydration. All the ingredients in Jones Roads Beauty meet the Credo list 2700 approved ingredients. Plus you will not find a single active in her whole line. 

So if you are interested in good basic products for dry skin, then I feel good to say that Jones Road Beauty is for you.



jones road bobbi brown


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