Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Clean Your Makeup Brushes should be as part of your skincare routine as using cleanser and moisturizer! If you fail to clean, you plan to have several skin issues popping up in no time flat. What could happen?

Continued use of dirty makeup brushes can cause the development of acne. Brushes can hold and harbor bacteria as well as dirt. Plus, such beauty tools can accumulate dead skin cells and oil. So while you’re applying your latest makeup look you will also clog your pores with such dead material. Thus, resulting in dull-looking or broken out skin. Yuck.

Additionally, besides doing unnecessary damage to your skin; you will also do a lot of harm to your brushes themselves. As dirty buildup gathers on your brushes it literally causes the fibers or “hairs” to deteriorate faster. That’s why you see the fine hairs of brushes clumping together or lose their shape. Not good.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

So how can you fix or avoid having such issues? Simple… clean. Are there any easy ways of getting this done? Of course!

1. Spray – Using a spray will do the hard work for you. A popular, makeup fan favorite is Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner. Just 3 steps and your done. Just pour Cinema Secrets into a little bowl, dip your brushes and wipe clean.

clean your makeup brushes

2. Machine Wash- Isn’t it easy to toss a load of laundry into a washer? Well, now you can kinda use the same technique with your brushes. In just seconds you can literally wash and dry your tools.

3. Old Fashion- What were people using before man-made machines and sprays? Soap and water. And it still works today!

Now it’s true some soap, bar and liquid can be a little harsh on brushes. Therefore, it’s best to opt for a gentle soap to get the job done.