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Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles Treatment

For most of us, we’ve got those dark circles under our eyelids. However, these do not come alone and are often followed by bags and if you didn’t know, they are challenging to remove. Our article features some important information that you need to know about dark circles treatment.

Dark circles are usually common in the elderly, non-white ethnic groups and those who tend to have a genetic predisposition. Simply put, there are many causes for having dark circles under your eyes. However, most of them are not really anything to be too worried about.

What Causes Dark Circles?

If you tend to generally be fatigued or even stay up a couple of hours after your normal bedtime, you can cause yourself to get dark circles. Even in the case where you oversleep, you’re going to get dark circles. When you deprive yourself of sleep, it results in your skin becoming pale and dull which forms dark tissue and causes blood vessels to show up beneath your skin.

As you get older, you’re probably going to experience more dark circles below your eyes. This is due to the fact that your skin becomes thinner. Additionally, when you lose fat, extra collagen is required. This results in dark blood vessels being more visible under your eyes.

Eye Strain
For various reasons, we stare at the television or computer screen for long periods of time. This strain can also lead to your eyes experiencing dark circles. However, this comes from the enlargement of the blood vessels around your eyes.

If you suffer from allergies or even eye dryness, chances are you’re also going to have dark circles around your eyes. This is the work of your body releasing histamines to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. This causes your blood vessels to become dilated and much more visible under your skin.

Your family history also plays an important part in those dark circles that you’ve got. This means that if dark circles run in your family, there’s a chance that you inherited them. Additionally, predispositions to various conditions such as thyroid disease can also be an indication of the dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Circles Treatment At Home

Depending on the nature of your dark circles, they can be easily treated right from the comfort of your home. A cold compress can be applied to reduce the swelling of your blood vessels.

This also reduces the overall puffiness of your eyes and it reduces the appearance of those dark circles. Additionally, you can also use some ice cubes wrapped in a cloth that can be applied in the same manner.

As we’ve mentioned before, sleep deprivation is a huge cause of dark circles. In order to deal with this from that point, you can simply get some extra sleep. So, be sure to allow yourself to sleep the for at least eight hours each night. You can also keep your head elevated to ensure that you don’t allow fluid to gather under your eyes.

Another great way to treat dark circles is with the use of tea bags. You can easily place the tea bags in your refrigerator for around 20 minutes and apply them after they are cold. The antioxidants contained in the tea bag can easily stimulate blood circulation and cause the blood vessels to shrink.

Medical Treatments For Dark Circles

There are also several medical ways to treat dark circles. These tend to be more effective and offer a somewhat permanent solution. Treatments such as chemical peels aid with reducing the dark pigmentation. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can even have a laser surgery that tightens and resurfaces your skin.

If you’re still not happy, you can have a medical tattoo done. This involves the injection of pigmentation into the skin area. There is also the method of using tissue fillers to easily conceal both melanin and blood vessel under your skin.

As we conclude, we have just looked at various options for dark circles treatment. A common cause of dark circles is a lack of sleep. So, be sure to increase the amount of time that you sleep each night!

Alicia Suggs, founder of The L.A. Glow, is a licensed esthetician in California. I'm all about beautiful, healthy skin. Whether you come into my comfortable facial studio or buy my products online, I'm focused on helping everyone get the results they desire.

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