IPL Facial

IPL facial

How does IPL Facial (Intense Pulse Facial) work? How do they help your skin? What are the benefits? These are just some of the many questions that can be addressed with the right information about IPL Facial. Whether you need a facial treatment to treat a sun-damaged complexion or wrinkles and sagging, you may be interested in reading this article.

What does IPL Facial do?

What does IPL facial do? Unlike the harsh chemical peels, IPL facials use non-invasive laser technology to remove the dead epidermis and stimulate collagen and skin growth. With the safe application of only enough heat, special deep layers of dead skin are gently penetrated to stimulate collagen and natural skin regeneration.

Is IPL treatment good for your face?

Yes, it is. Intense Pulse Light is a medical device that uses multiple colors of focused light to treat hyperpigmentation, rosacea, wrinkles, spider veins, enlarged hair follicles, and excessive hair.


Is IPL facial worth?

Is IPL facial worth? Like any other breakthrough in skincare, several benefits come with using ipl facial treatments. While it may not work for every patient, those with sensitive skin types will find that this innovative procedure can yield significant improvements, including smoother, more evenly toned skin. It also works especially well for those with redness, peeling, itching, and/or sagging skin types, making it a great choice for those looking for a non-invasive facial.

Pre-Care for IPL Facial

  1. Avoid all sun exposure. This includes spray tans, self-tanners, and sunbeds. You want to make sure you wear sunscreen on the area being treated at all times
  2. Remove lotions and makeup before your treatment.
  3. Discontinue any topical irritants you may be applying three days before your scheduled appointment. This includes tretinoin, astringents, toners, or any retinoid

IPL Facial

What to Expect During IPL Facial

When you arrive at your appointment at the clinic you will clean the area that is being treated. Once that is completed your aesthetician will wipe the treatment area with alcohol pads. When everything is dried protective eyewear will be applied to shield the eyes from the intense pulse light. 

A clear ultrasound gel will be then applied to the treatment area and then a test spot will be performed to make sure your skin will properly accept treatment. Once that is done your aesthetician will perform individual pulses in a systematic approach over the entire treated area.

As for pain threshold, the IPL can be mildly uncomfortable to extremely tolerable it just depends on your sensitivity and tolerance of pain. Some have explained it as it being as if a warm rubber band was snapping on your skin. If that sounds like something you can handle then this treatment might be for you. But don’t worry your aesthetician will continue to check on you and assess your level of comfort so they can make necessary adjustments.

Once the procedure has finished your aesthetician will apply a cooling mask to help alleviate any heat sensation you may be having and to calm the skin.

IPL Facial

How long does IPL facial last?

Intense Pulse light facial can is done every two to four weeks. You need to have about 5 to 6 treatments to see optimal results.

Does IPL age your skin?

When are ipl facial sessions Safe? Although this particular cosmetic laser procedure is newer, many practitioners recommend this technique for its safety and minimal side effects. Typically, doctors will recommend sessions for each area of facial improvement, rather than one continuous session. A cooling gel is applied between sessions to help minimize scarring and promote healthy skin tone and texture.

Conclusion for IPL Facial

The goal of ipl photo facial is for skin rejuvenation and to improve the overall appearance of your face while helping you combat age-related signs of aging. A laser-assisted treatment can help minimize scars, brown spots, wrinkles, and lines while promoting a naturally younger-looking appearance. By utilizing this unique procedure, you can look young again!

How much does an IPL facial cost?

Depending on where you live in the world the price does vary. But be clear if the price is extremely cheap because that shouldn’t be the case. On average, IPL costs $600 to $1,400

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