When you hear about the great beauty icon, Joan Crawford, you likely think of her trademark long black hair. Her elegant yet playful personality. You may not realize that there’s a lot more to her than what is shown on the silver screen. There was another side to the famous actress. It is the side of a truly modern woman: her ability to take care of herself. Her passion for beauty led her to start her own line of products to help women maintain a beautiful skin and young skin.

Joan Crawford’s Beauty Ice Facial is something you should dry. The facial was created to help women regain the beautiful and youthful look they once enjoyed, while staying young at the same time. The beautiful face that Crawford possesses is an extension of her personal style and her desire to have beautiful skin as well.

So I decided to give this ritual a try, baby it was a cold one. Her facial routine was no joke and she took it very seriously. She did this 25 times consecutively. I think by try number 10 I was already numb. It was exctiting though and very refreshing.

 joan crawford beauty products

Joan Crawford knows the importance of maintaining a beautiful face and wants to help people look beautiful as well. By taking care of your skin you can understand the value that beauty and health have. If you want to learn more about the Old Hollywood beauty secrets from Joans Crawfords beauty regime I have a blog post here. You will also learn about joan crawford beauty products.

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