Kobido Massage

Kobido is an ancient art of massage over 540 years old. It is a Japanese facial technique that takes years to master. Kobido means the ancient way of beauty. For the Japanese beauty comes from the balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Unlike other massages that go through the motions without true intention, Kobido is a treatment that harmonizes the energy within us. Meaning you will start to feel a sense of calm and wellbeing from the stimulating movements of the kobido master.

Kobido Face Massage

Certainly, kobido is one of the most sophisticated facial massage treatments to me. It is like the master craftsman. It sculpts the face taking in all the different nuances of the texture of one’s face, the curves, the elasticity. Everything!! Kobido massages the muscles parallel to the wrinkles. This is done by kneading every square centimeter, it sparks muscle tone and the oxygenation of the epidermis.

So, it’s is a facial treatment. The face tells the story of what has taken place, is taking place, and what’s going on in our bodies. It’s in the face that emotions reside. Emotions of sadness, joy, fear, or anger. With the fluid, deep alternating touch of this facial treatment those pint up emotions are released. Leaving you with that glow. A glow that is not just an outward display but it is coming from within. A glow of love and peace, giving you a deep well-being to the whole body.

kobido face massage

Is It OK To Massage Your Face Every day?

Yes, it is ok to massage your face every day. Like I always say, you can’t do one workout each month and expect to see a six-pack. I wish though. Lol! But, no, you have to be regular at it and you will see results. Therefore, you must keep a good face massage routine as well to get the desired results you are looking for. To sculpt, renew, lift.



This Japanese facial massage treatment delivers many benefits like the following:

  • Improves skin hydration
  • Elasticity and firmness
  • Stimulating and draining pressures and vibrations
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Produces a natural lifting effect
  • Prevents and Reduces wrinkles
  • Relaxes muscular tension


How Is The Massage Performed?

So, before performing the treatment, your facialist master will assess your skin condition and primary trouble spots. As a result, if you have makeup on or other impurities they will begin with cleansing of the face. Once cleansed, oil is applied to the skin. Then the massage begins stimulating the areas of the face and neck with fingertips, performing fast, strong, rhythmic movements. 

kobido massage

In conclusion, this facial massage technique focuses on the muscles in your face to restore radiance and restores the volume of your face by helping the tissue to appear firmer and expand. Likewise, for preventative care, you should start implementing this technique by at least 25-30 years of age. Similarly, if you already have mature skin it will still help to reduce wrinkles.


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