Shelf Life Of Makeup. Is it time to throw it Way?

Tell me if this has happened to you. You had a favorite bronzer in your makeup kit that you have forgotten all about. You are ecstatic you have found it again. But you remember that you bought it like 3 years ago. It’s your perfect shade but is it still good? I first will say the answer is a big fat NO. But why so? In this article, I will discuss the shelf life of makeup and when it’s time to throw your products away.


First, if your products contain minimal or no preservatives, it’s shelf life will be shortened. Preservatives reduce and ward off fungi, kill bacteria, prevent oxidation, and prevent the growth of microorganisms. Gross, I know! Microorganisms can affect your health and cause breakouts, rashes, and irritations.

Shelf Life Of Makeup

Mainstream brands use a preservative that offers a longer shelf life for warehousing. If you prefer natural and organic brands they use fewer preservatives that are plant-based and have a shelf life of between 6-18 months. Also, check for an expiration date on the product or packaging. Many responsible manufactures and small-batch independent companies are now putting on these labels.

So what’s a good rule of thumb for the shelf life of your makeup. Check your products and see if it’s separating or is starting to smell a little funky. If so throw it away and follow these guidelines:


Shelf Life Of Makeup Guidelines

3 Months – Mascara, liquid eyeliner

1 Year –  Concealer, foundation, lip liner, lipstick, lip glow

2 Years – Powder, pressed compacts

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