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In many lands, people practice shower body oil cleansing. Some even consider this an interictal part of their body skincare routine. 

They are very popular for men and women alike. Body oils are not like normal lotions and creams, as they tend to have ingredients that do not always help your skin to be smoother and supple. Body oils do not irritate your sensitive skin at all. They are also great for those who even suffer from body acne. 


Using a shower body oil should be an important part of anyone’s beauty regimen. People that have clean and soft skin look younger and feel much better about themselves. So it makes sense to use body oil on your skin regularly!

Shower body oil will make your skin soft and glowing. They are luxurious, awakening, soothing, and comforting to the body. 

As the seasons change, you sometimes want to make your body as hydrated and nourished even more. Also, in spring and summer, you are showing more of your body so you need that skin to be glowing.

So I want to show you how to indulge in a luxurious, cold press shower body oil in three ways.

How to use shower oil?

So how do you use a shower body oil?. First, you can use the shower body oil while you are in the shower. You get into the shower and get nice and wet. You then put a little bit of oil into your hands. Perhaps only 4 to 5 drops or whatever is desired. But remember a good body oil goes a long way. 

Next, you then will rub the body oil all over your body. It will emulsify with water. Then it will cleanse your body as a facial oil cleanser would. So I would recommend washing your body first with your favorite body cleanser then following it with a second cleanse with the shower body oil.


Looking for a decadent way to relax and have a bit of self-care? Why not try adding a few drops of shower body oil into your bathtub. So the second way is then to relax in your bathtub with your favorite oil like this one here

Not only is this a great time to feel as if you have been transported into a spa, but it is great for your skin too. Why? Because oils do not change your skin pH levels. Oils allow your skin to work in its natural state.

Products with alcohols, Retinols, and BHA’s disrupt your skin barrier and microbiome. This then leads to dry, cracked skin. Oils are free from any added alcohol or other skin-stripping ingredients. 

So adding nourishing oil to your bathtub will help your skin in a deeper layer. As it penetrates with its healing properties, nutrients, or other skin-boosting benefits your skin will feel velvety smooth.


shower oil

After Shower Body Oil

Lastly, you can use your shower body oil after your shower. Now that your body is cleansed and moist. This is a great time to add oil to your body. Applying your oil now will lock in all the moisture on your body since it is still slightly damp.


So as we see using body oil is an essential part of a complete beauty regimen. There are a variety of body oils available. You do want to make sure you use one that’s formulated from active ingredients. 


What is Shower oil?

A shower oil is a treatment oil that is done in the shower to seal in moisture. This will leave the skin feeling hydrated and replenished. There is no rinse required

How to apply body oil after Shower?

Apply to clean damp skin after your shower. Four to five pumps should be enough. Your body oil will wrap your skin into a soft cocoon of hydration. It’s a luxurious shower experience you will not forget.


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