Skincare Routine For Him

Are you a man reading this article or a woman trying to get her man into a skincare routine? No matter the case a, skincare routine for men is on the rise. When it comes to skincare, it is equally important to both men and ladies. 

Sadly most of the time men, neglect this area in their life. But even they should spend some time treating their skin! Contrary to what many people think, men are not exempt from skincare, especially during the Winter season. The harsh effects of the cold and irritating fabrics can have a tremendous effect on the skin. And for men who shave regularly, a thorough skincare routine is even more important, as razors can be less than kind to our skin.

I am going to discuss a simple and straightforward way to implement a skincare routine for men.


skincare routine for men

Skin Treatments

I get it that sometimes men feel a little uncomfortable about talking about skin care, facials, or their skin conditions. As an Esthetician, I had many male clients. I will say at first it took them a little bit longer to get comfortable with the situation. 

The idea of talking about their skin, what they wanted to fix, and how fast they can start seeing results seemed daunting. But they all came around and continued to make follow-up appointments. Why? Because they saw results

Through my practice, I will say that men want a simple straight-to-the-point skincare routine. Women love the whole ritual of aromatherapies, taking time with their jade roller, and setting the spa mood at home. Men on, the other hand, want results with minimal products.


The L.A. Glow Skincare Routine

For Men

First, there are a few key things to know when purchasing a skincare routine for men. Feminine fragrance is a no-go. If you buy or purchase skin care for men, make sure it is not all flowery and tropical. No guy wants to smell like rose petals. 

Next, men prefer simple multipurpose products. For instance, a cleanser and toner are combined. Anything that can speed up the routine with combined products is a must.

Third, skincare products should leave a matte finish. Most men aren’t trying to look dewy and greasy like a Glossier Ad campaign. They want to look natural. Skin is hydrated, with light moisturizers that still deliver hydration but are highly absorbent.



Skincare Routine


Cleanse Your face

Use a gentle face cleanser like a foaming cleanser to wash away the oil and dirt. Wash your face once in the morning, and before you go to bed.




As I mentioned earlier, see If you can purchase a multipurpose cleanser and toner. If not, use a calming toner. A toner can be used, just like you would use aftershave lotion. Toner can help you out with razor burns! Toners can hydrate your skin and help control your oils! 




Moisturizer helps keep your skin balanced without drying out. Choose a good-quality moisturizer because it acts as your skin barrier!




Protecting your skin from the sun is key! Always use sunscreen in the morning. Use sunscreen with a minimum of 30SPF.



Lip Balm

Feeling a little extra! Use a lip balm. A lip balm will take care of your lips so that they don’t crack.


skincare routine for men

Things to Remember:

  • Tubes and pumps are the most male-friendly things to open.
  • After getting comfortable with your regimen you can then start purchasing eye creams, serums, and mask.
  • Always shave in a downward direction. The direction of hair growth because it is less irritating.
  • Unisex products can work well too for your skin care routine.

This is the most basic skincare routine you can follow to have great skin! If too if you are looking to find out more about my top choices of skincare click HERE.

I’ve been curious how many of you guys have skincare routines? 





skincare routine for men


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