Tom Ford Bitter Peach

Tom Ford bitter peach fragrance has arrived. I am all for it. Bitter peach captures nectar-filled flesh at its luscious peak.

Tom Ford bitter peach

The best perfumes in the world are designed by the best perfumers. The best perfumes have been created by some of the most talented men and women in the industry, and Tom Ford Beauty has just brought out their new very popular fragrance, Bitter Peach, into their Private Collection, but how does it smell? When you smell the scent and read the description of this scent, it immediately feels like it is feminine, but when you really look at the notes and try the scent on, you quickly realize that the scent is very different.

Tom Ford explains it this way,

“Explicitly sweet and dangerously voluptuous, Bitter Peach surges with dark, skin-gripping sensuality. Like the full-flavored fruit as it’s most ripe- TOM FORD

One thing that you’ll find right away, is that Bitter Peaches has a very nice scent to it. It has a nice fruity scent to it that says it is feminine, but when you get deep into the perfume and put it on, it smells much more floral, with a lot of notes that are reminiscent of blood orange, and sandalwood. 

tom ford

The scent

This kind of scent can really feel great on a woman, especially if you are not quite sure what kind of fragrance you want to wear, because the scent is so different from one type of smell to another.

Another thing you’ll notice right away when you wear Bitter Peach is how beautiful the bottle of Tom ford perfume looks. They have done a great job designing this bottle. 

Tom Ford Bitter Peach is quite a good scent to wear. It smells wonderful on your skin. You may notice right away that Bitter Peaches is a perfume that comes in two parts, with the top part being a citrus and spicy, while the bottom is a nice sweet, almost floral scent.  

Intoxicating peche de Vigne and Sicilian blood orange oil releases the slick sweetness of Bitter Peach at peak ripeness. Rum-infused davan oil with the combination of patchouli lures you in.

If you like the smell of peaches, davana oil, labdanum absolute, and patchouli oil, you should definitely give Bitter Peach a try. You’ll find that this scent is very pleasing on your skin.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach fragrance

The price $350

You can shop Tom Ford Bitter Peach here.

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