Tyrosinase inhibitors have you heard of it? Well, if you care about melasma, sun spots, or hyperpigmentation, you should pay attention.

First, Tyrosinase is a copper-containing enzyme. It is present in animal and plant tissues that catalyzes the production of melanin and other pigments from tyrosine by oxidation. It is found, inside melanosomes which are synthesized in the skin melanocytes.

Tyrosinase Inhibitors For Hyperpigmentation

Moreover, decreasing your tyrosinase activity helps target and prevent conditions related to hyperpigmentation of the skin such as melasma.

Evidently, hormones, injury, sun, and other inflammation can trigger tyrosinase activity.

Therefore, Tyrosinase is the most common ingredient in skincare to address unwanted pigmentation. This is because it controls how fast your skin produces pigments. Hydroquinone is by far the most popular. But proceed with caution. Some other tyrosinase inhibitors are

  • Azelaic Acid
  • Ellagic Acid
  • L-ascorbic acid
  • Arbutin
  • Tranexamic acid

Also, Kojic acid has been studied extensively for its tyrosinase activity too. Vitamin C and its derivates can be used as whitening agents. In addition, the levels of tyrosinase inhibitory activity in these compounds are still not high enough for broad use.

Tyrosinase Inhibitors For Hyperpigmentation

Looking for a great pigment inhibitors you can try.

  1. Even Tone by Skinbetter
  2. Discoloration Defense by Skinceuticals 
  3. White Lighetning by isclinical

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