Skincare is something that we should focus on year-round. With that said, many people are more prone to skin issues in the winter. Cold temperatures can take a toll on the skin. Being cooped up indoors can also cause issues with dryness. Winter skin face treatments can nourish your skin and help it to stay healthy throughout the winter season.

Lets find out how.

Proper Treatments Can Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Many people only apply sunblock during the summer. However, UV rays can damage your skin during any time of the year, even during the winter. In fact, because sunlight can reflect off the snow, it’s possible to sustain a severe sunburn during the winter.

Sun damage is one of the main causes of premature aging. That’s why you’ll want to look into treatments that will help you to avoid UV damage during this time. If you have a facial done, you can expect sunscreen to be applied to your skin afterward. Your esthetician may also be able to recommend the right sunscreen for your skin.

Your Skin Might Need Moisture

Not everyone has issues with dry skin during the winter. However, dryness is a common problem during this season, and it’s an issue you’ll want to address. If your skin is overly dry, you may have red patches, and your skin could even become so dry that it starts to flake.

A skincare treatment like a professional facial massage is a fantastic way to provide your skin with a surge of moisture. If you’re struggling to keep your skin moisturized, a specialized treatment might be the best solution.

Winter Skin Face Treatments Can Address A Range Of Skin Problems

It’s not unusual for people to experience a range of problems when winter starts. For example, many people find that the skincare products that they’re using are no longer effective. Many people also have issues with textured skin. What is textured skin? Skin texture refers to your skin’s surface condition. Good skin texture is soft and smooth, well hydrated with firm collagen and elastin support. Uneven skin texture is coarse, rough, dull, dry and often sun damaged.

A facial can correct these kinds of problems, and it can also help with any other issues that you’re dealing with. If your skin’s moisture barrier is compromised, a treatment like a facial can help to repair your barrier and improve your skin’s health.

Facials Are The Best Way To Clean Dry Skin

If the winter weather has left your skin feeling dry, you may be wary of over-cleansing. However, it’s important to properly remove bacteria and other toxins that could be causing harm to your skin. During a facial, a professional will be able to thoroughly clean your skin without stripping your face of its natural oils.

Cleansing dry skin without damaging it can be challenging, and it can be even harder in the winter. If you feel like your current cleansing methods aren’t keeping your skin clean, you should strongly consider consulting with an esthetician.

Facials Can Prepare Your Skin For Summer

You’ll want to make sure your skin stays healthy during the winter, but you’ll also want your face to be ready for summer when it rolls around. Summer can also be a season that’s stressful for the skin. When the weather is hot, your skin may sweat more than usual, which means you’ll have more bacteria on your face. Sun damage is also more likely.

If you’re able to keep your skin healthy in the winter, you’ll be better equipped to handle the summer. You’ll also be able to handle the change of seasons with minimal problems.

There are so many benefits to winter skin face treatments. If your skin is struggling with the cold winter weather, you’ll want to find the proper treatment, so that you can address the issues you’re facing. I would suggest the “Refresh Hydrating Facial” as it will address your winter skin problems such as dry sensitive skin, itchiness, skin rash and/or dry patches.

Facials make it possible to have healthy skin all year round.

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