5 Clean Beauty Nail Polishes

In this article, we are going to share 5 Clean Beauty Nail Polishes. Thus, helping to take the guesswork out for you on where to get “safe” nail lacquers. However, before we do that; here is exactly WHY you should opt for such a beauty product.



The following is just a quick list of reasons to keep in mind. However, there are others that we will consider at another time. When you purchase a clean beauty product you can do so with the confidence of knowing it is:



•Possesses transparent labeling of ingredients



Well, your health is involved. You see the FDA does not regulate or define claims often used in products that claim to be okay. For instance, the term “fragrance” is often used as a loophole to hide toxic ingredients or substances. Scary.

Therefore, by sticking to companies that avoid “hiding” what’s inside their products; and utilize better ingredients; you will protect yourself and body from harmful elements. Clean beauty is sweeping its way, thank goodness, into makeup, haircare as well as skincare items.

Clean Beauty Nail Polishes_nail art

Now you can even find clean beauty nail polish. Which is perfect for any lover of nail design and art. So then, let’s get to the real meat and potatoes of this article. Here are 5 companies offering clean beauty nail polishes that you should know about ASAP!


5 Clean Beauty Nail Polishes

1. Zoya – Love this brand so much! The colors are amazing and Zoya always promises that its products are vegan, natural, 13-free formula, and non-toxic. Plus, prices rock! SUPER reasonable.
2. Dazzle Dry – Like gel manicures? Well, this brand was developed to give consumers a safer alternative.
3. EMMA V.S.N.P. – V.S.N.P. stands for Very Special Nail Polish. EMMA V.S.N.P. is not only 12+ Free and PETA-Certified, but also features a new nourishing formula that provides even more benefits to the nail plate and cuticle area.
4. Sundays – You are in safe hands! No pun intended… This brand is amazing with a 10-free formula that excludes animal byproducts, parabens, xylene, and camphor.
5. Butter London – With every swipe expect an 8-free formula, vegan, and high shine finish.