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5 Best Facial Yoga Poses For A Firm Face

Facial Yoga Is Good For Your Skin

5 Best Facial Yoga Poses For A Firm Face

You might be wondering does facial yoga work? The answer is yes, if you are ready to stick to a good routine. It is possible to relax and tone facial muscles. Sure botox is an option available, but is it really necessary to spend $500 to $800 per session for a procedure where you can’t move your eyebrows?

There are better ways to keep your face looking youthful instead of expensive treatments. I understand you have to do something after several late nights, binge drinking and falling asleep with a full face of makeup on. Not taking care of your skin will begin to show their effects.

It’s time to give your face a workout with facial exercises designed to tone your skin, tighten your neck and smooth out your forehead. Facial yoga can achieve the results that you want from botox. It involves a series of exercises that will make you look younger.

Best facial yoga poses

If you are one of those who don’t want fine lines on your face, here are a few poses that you should try:

1. Smoothen your forehead

Many people have a scowling face. It’s not because they always frown. Instead, their muscles in the forehead region tend to fold the skin in such a way that the face resembles constant frowning. The best way to deal with this is to widen your eyes. Make it a habit to practice this exercise regularly.

Try to widen your eyes as much as possible and hold this position until you feel your eyes becoming watery. This will help to exercise the muscles around your forehead and eyes and reduce those frowning lines.

2. FACIAL YOGA Cheek lift

You may have decided to get a cheek lift using botox, but try the following exercise first. You may not have to go for the botox treatment after a few days. So, take a deep breath using your mouth. Close your mouth instantly. You will notice your cheeks puffed up. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then release your breath slowly. This exercise helps to strengthen your cheek muscles.

Your cheek muscles usually sag as you grow old. That is why some choose to keep them uplifted with plastic surgery. Don’t. Instead, try this exercise that will prevent your skin from becoming thinner. Musicians playing saxophone have firm cheeks because they have to practice this exercise daily.

3. No more crow’s feet

Wrinkled skin on your face makes you look old invariably. Whether you are 30 or 63, once the fine lines start appearing, you cannot hide them for long. But you can prevent them from spreading fast.

One of the facial yoga poses that work on wrinkled skin is lifting and releasing your lower eyelid gently. Make sure you don’t move any other facial muscles. Try applying a little pressure with your fingertips on the fine lines. For example, you can pull the skin beside your eyes for a while. It helps to keep your skin firm and prevents premature aging.

4. Keep your baby face going

Apart from your face, the neck is another area that shows signs of aging. You can prevent that from happening. Try to press your tongue’s tip on your mouth’s roof. Now smile and try to swallow by pointing your chin towards the ceiling.

Facial yoga experts believe that people often forget the neck when it comes to aging skin. This exercise aims to keep the skin of your neck uplifted, so that it doesn’t look like a turkey neck.

5. Your puppet face

Try to smile with your entire set of teeth showing. Now press your fingertips on the creases between your lips and nose. It is better to lift the muscles slightly as you perform this exercise. You will soon get a round and plump cheek, something that youthful women and girls have.

These exercises are not just cheaper, but also have long-lasting effects. For additional help, you should get in touch with a facial studio, like The L.A. Glow, as soon as possible.

Alicia Suggs, founder of The L.A. Glow, is a licensed esthetician in California. I'm all about beautiful, healthy skin. Whether you come into my comfortable facial studio or buy my products online, I'm focused on helping everyone get the results they desire.

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