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Clean Natural Ingredients

Are you looking to book with a holistic esthetician to help you get that skin glowing again? I always preferred a Holistic approach with my clients. Many people choose this method over other types because it does not require invasive procedures. You know the kind where they are shoving needles anywhere and everywhere claiming this will give you that glow. This procedure can be painful, costly, or disfiguring. 

If you have been thinking about becoming a Holistic Esthetician or looking to get treatments done by one please keep reading.

Holistic Esthetics is different from traditional esthetics because holistic estheticians have established a comprehensive practice that accepts that all pieces of the body are interconnected. Meaning what you put on topically and what you ingest through food has a bearing on the skin. So the skin is treated from the inside out. 

Customary Esthetics approach skincare through linear results and regularly treat just the side effect of skin conditions. 

So Holistic Estheticians treat the skin in an “entire” way. It goes past your outside side effects and delves into the main driver of your skin issues. This is something beyond chemicals and lotions. 

Through a thorough consultation, the Esthetician can see that you may be allergic to certain foods, your hormones are out of wack, or you are sensitive to certain ingredients that lead to breakouts. This information is then used by the Esthetician to start the facial using clean, natural ingredients.

Clean Natural Ingredients

Why clean natural ingredients? Well, the saying, “you are what you eat” is a real thing. So if you are eating cheeseburgers, dairy, chocolate, and pizza regularly what would you expect your body to look like? Would you expect to have a six-pack with a great bum to boot? I think not. You would probably have a saggy backside and a chubby midsection.

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So If you need to eat healthy things to have a good-looking exterior body then of course it’s important what you put on your skin is clean as well. When you apply products topically they penetrate inside through your pores. You don’t want to apply any “junk food” products on your skin. They should be clean too, so that your body’s internal system is taken care of as well.


Qualities of a Holistic Esthetician 

Holistic Estheticians should have an appreciation for well-being. 

The Holistic Esthetician has a more extensive comprehension of body anatomy, physiology, science, health, gut health, and the usefulness of item ingredients. 

Holistic Estheticians are trained and believe in noninvasive modalities and procedures like lymphatic waste, gua sha, reflexology, aromatherapy, and so on; some of these things require extra training. 

Since Holistic treatments aren’t taught in many esthetics schools you have to receive extra training and theory from outside schools. Schools that believe in taking a different approach to skincare stepping away from the ordinary facial. A facial that adopts a comprehensive strategy focusing on the individual overall and not exactly what skin type that individual has.


So…. How Much Do Holistic Esthetician Make?

How Much Do Holistic Esthetician Make

This is all dependent upon many factors. Some are where you live, how long have you been doing facials, your clientele, and other things. I will say be honest with yourself and know your worth. Even if everybody else is charging a certain price do what you know your treatments are worth. 

According to ZipRecruiter annual salaries are as high as $99,500 and as low as $17,000. The majority of Holistic Esthetician salaries currently range between $28,500 to $50,000. The top earners are making $83,000 annually across the United States.


How Much Does A Holistic Facial Cost?


How Much Does A Holistic Facial Cost

Holistic facials can range from $110.00 – $225.00 and moreJust like you would pay a little bit higher prices to get a facial using different machines and gadgets. You to then will be paying for the price of the extensive knowledge of your holistic esthetician. Them treating you from the inside out not only topically but also your gut health. Plus they are using true, highly clean, and effective products that are usually very expensive. But you will get what you pay for hands down.


What Is The Facial Like?

What Is The Facial Like

Your esthetician will welcome you as you embrace your new skin journey. They will advise you on your current skin concerns. She will also navigate you through green beauty, skin function, ingredients, product recommendations, and more. 

As she is doing your facial with lymphatic drainage, gua sha, exfoliation, and more she will take a deep dive into how lifestyle, diet, habits & other internal/external influences may have contributed to your overall wellbeing. Safe to say when you leave your appointment your skin will not only be glowing but you will come out with so much knowledge.


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