How A Facial Is Done (Step-By-Step)

Getting a facial is advantageous and one of the best decisions a person can make for their skin. For those eager to move forward with a facial, it’s important to understand what the process entails and how it works. Here’s a detailed guide on how a facial is done.

1) Preparatory Phase

The first step is to begin prepping the skin for a facial.

The esthetician is going to begin by removing any makeup and/or products on the surface of the skin. The goal is to make sure only the individual’s natural skin is being worked on without the interruption of products and/or oils. This is essential and has to be handled with care to ensure the skin is ready to go for a facial.

2) Assessment of the Skin

Before the cleansing begins, the esthetician is going to take a few minutes to further assess the skin and figure out potential issues that could arise during the facial. For example, some individuals deal with acne, oily skin, dryness, and other relevant issues, which can dictate how the facial is completed.

Each factor matters in delivering a perfect facial that is worth your time.

The esthetician has years of experience in noting these variables and preparing a session that’s in line with what the individual’s face requires.

3) Steam Cleansing

Now it’s time to get into the heart of how a facial is done.

Steam is used to cleanse the skin and make sure the pores open up. Also, this is the only way to work on the skin and ensure it glows once the session is over. A facial steam machine is often used to complete this step and it provides complete control over the process. It’s important to note, there are several advantages associated with steam cleansing including improved blood circulation, dead skin cell removal, and stimulation of facial nerve endings.

4) Exfoliation

Depending on when a person had work done on their face, the skin needs to be exfoliated.

The esthetician is going to use an exfoliant to make sure dead skin cells are a thing of the past. There are different ways of doing this, but you will see me using chemical peels to get the job done. I only use non-abrasive natural exfoliation. This can take a few minutes to settle in before it is removed.

5) Prep Mask

While learning how a facial is done, it’s important to focus on the actual facial mask.

There are multiple steps involved in this process beginning with the prep mask. For instance, this mask is used to set the stage for the power mask later on. In general, the idea behind this mask is to soothe the skin after it has been exfoliated.

6) Targeted Treatment

Also, your esthetician will also take the opportunity to provide targeted treatment. This can include working on acne, wrinkles, age spots, and/or other similar concerns based on what they saw during the initial assessment.

7) Power Mask

The final step is a power mask, which involves using a list of powerful ingredients to target the skin. This is essential because it works on the prepped skin after it has been neatly cleaned and assessed. In addition, the esthetician will make the most of this opportunity to work on the skin and ensure it feels silky smooth to the touch once everything is wrapped up.

To get your facial, please book an appointment at this facial studio and enjoy the perks of a seasoned professional. In short, the facial will be personalized, safe, and in line with your requirements. This is the charm of choosing a world-class facial studio with professional experience in delivering quality service.