Minimalist skin care, love it, respect it and that’s literally all I’ve really been into. And it’s just the truth. I have never been the person to want to engage in 15 steps of skincare day and night. Like… I’m doing good to just lather, rinse, dry, restore and moisturize. You feel me?

Nevertheless, several step routines also always seem to be unnecessarily WAY too much. One reason being that my skin naturally is beyond sensitive. Therefore, adding so much product, after product to my skin is just asking for a reaction. Which is not cute.

Henceforth I was so excited to see for 2021 many have now adopted the minimalist skincare ideals! There are those who are calling this a trend; but I do not. Why not?

Well, first of all to me, skincare shouldn’t be treated in a trend manner. ITS NOT. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. So if you want this large body element to look radiant and it’s best; you must treat it with respect and care and it shouldn’t be compromised by you staying “ON TREND.” You should always just stick to what works; as well as what’s actually right for your skin on an individual basis.

Nevertheless, Minimalist skin care is becoming so popular; it has been given a name this year. Wait for it… Skinimalism. Catchy right? I think so.

In any case, skinimalism is the end of caked-on makeup. Now it’s about letting your natural skin texture shine through. It’s about streamlining your skincare regimen and taking note of the ingredients being used. To help you do just that, check out some brands below who are helping to spearhead this beauty movement.


Minimalist Skincare

Looking to try some minimalist skincare brands? I got you. Check out these “minimalist conscious”  brands below.

The Established

I’m normally not this frank but… The Established is THE BOMB! It is clean skincare for the minimalist beauty enthusiast. This brand is all about providing body care for the masses with a twist. They emphasize using an under-utilized, high performance ingredients skincare product experience. The Established is plant-powered thus being a natural choice that’s all about clean and effortless beauty.


Dr. Elsa Jungman

Next up… I just love the Dr. Elsa Jungman line. Dr. Elsa who has a Ph.D. in Skin Pharmacology; and says regarding the beauty line that, “We are creating a movement to help everyone feel at peace with their skin.” And that is exactly what is happening!

They have done this by creating the minimalist bundle. This minimalist facial kit features a complete skincare routine involving: Gentle Cleanser, Oat Power Moisturizing Serum as well as a complimentary bamboo washcloth.MINIMALIST SKIN CARE







M. Roze Essentials

What about my brown skin ladies? No worries, there is an AMAZING brand that is here to cater to your every need! Morgan DeBaun, of M. Roze Essentials ; designed a line for all my brown-skinned women who want a minimal, but effective beauty routine!

Seriously, if you are looking for quality, with high-impact ingredients you will fall head over jade rollers for this company. PLUS the packaging is stunning and their logo profile are perfect.

Morgan’s brand is based in my home state of Los Angeles, so I totally get their vibe and continue to be a big fan. Laid-back California luxury with no fuss is M. Roze Essentials. I suggest you try out her M Roze 5 step system. Yes, just five steps; (cue the heaven music) Lol!

Jelly Cleanser 
Balancing Seaweed Toner
Skin Glow Vitamin C Serum
Face Beam Moisturizer

The Minimalist Skin Care

Also worth noting is checking out Youth To The People The Minimalist 3-Step Skincare Kit. You really can’t beat 3 steps. This is perfect also for the person who is just now getting their feet wet into skincare. It comes with Superfood Cleanser, energy Serum, and moisture cream for the face and neck.

Skincare Minimalista

Influencers and celebs who are also into minimalism in their skincare routine. See what they have to say.

Kate Moss
“I don’t really have a regime, it’s the bare essentials! I use a face wash and then sometimes I use a serum…” – vogueuk


“I’m advocating minimalism – you don’t need many products in your life and you don’t have to have shelfies full of expensive products.”

Christy Turlington-Burns
“My regime is pretty straightforward.” – vogueuk



Minimalist Skincare Routine

Well, now that you are aware of some awesome beauty companies that offer easy-breezy skincare products. You might in general just be wondering; what does a minimalist skincare routine involve? Well, it’s just the basics of:


Those make up a proper skincare routine, but of course you want to always tailor things for yourself. So that, you will want to stick to it on a regular basis; because no routine will be one that you want to keep up with if it does not seem “doable.”

Therefore, it’s also up to you what you consider the basics but I would start there. Perhaps in addition to the above four basics; you could add a serum, which I like to do from time to time. This is because serums are what really change your skin since they are packed with skin-treating ingredients.

So are you ready to incorporate minimalist skincare into your routine? Let me know!

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