Summer Fridays Lip Balm How I Got Rid Of My Dry Lips


Girls!! My lips have been so dry this past month. So I have been using different types of balms, salves, and jellies. Why I don’t know? I was just wasting my time and went back to my Summer Fridays Lip Balm.

summer fridays

I tried to give other lip products a try but for some reason, Summer Fridays Lip Balm just always works. It is now part of my staple holy grail products. Sadly it’s almost gone so I’m going to have to buy another tube. That is fine because it’s not that expensive, it lasts longer, and my lips love it.


Summer Fridays Lip Balm

I’m sure you guys have heard of the brand Summer Fridays but if not let me share a few things. Summer Fridays is a brand owned by two women Marianna Hewitt + Lauren Gores Ireland. They wanted a beauty line with:

Ingredients that gave your skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow. We think of skincare like food—it’s got to nourish and delight. Think of it like a green juice for your complexion.”

How great is that statement right. So with Summer Fridays, they have created masks, moisturizers, body care, and lip balms to give you that glow. Ahhh!! It’s so on-brand with my own thinking!!



Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

This balm hydrates and soothes parched lips in seconds while sealing in moisture for lush lips. I would say it is a butter, jelly consistency. It is thick without feeling heavy on your lips. Plus it has a slight vanilla smell that smells delightful.

Summer Fridays Lip Balm


I would like to confidently say that I’m sure you have seen this sleek lip balm on Instagram. Every day on my feed I see this golden brown lip balm on someone’s post. I’m not made because the product does work. The sustainable packaging squeeze tube is super cute and makes you want to keep picking it up to apply again.

That said, I would be careful to not push too hard on the tube. If you do too much product does rush out and it is nearly impossible to get it back into the tube so be mindful of that.



What People Are Saying?

“I absolutely LOVE THIS PRODUCTS one of the only lip balms that truly help my super dry and chapped lips my only issue is the packaging! “

“The balm feels amazing and is just as described in terms of texture and shine.”

“I literally cannot get the balm to stop oozing out everywhere whenever I remove the cap. I love the way it feels, but I have gotten balm everywhere.”

“One of the best lip balms I’ve ever tried, the consistency is unmatched and feels so luxurious.”

“Perfect, I will only suggest to change the cap because it’s hard to put on.”

I hope you like these reviews. I try to give you the most common sentiments about the product so you can see and read honest reviews. For the most part, I do agree with these comments. The product is phenomenal but the tube perhaps needs a little work so that it dispenses better. But even with that, honestly, I am for sure going to buy it again because I really do like it.


Summer Fridays Lip Balm





Packed with ultra-hydrating seed butters, these natural moisturizers soothe, heal and condition parched lips. 


Unique blend of vegan waxes will soften and boost shine all day with a smooth, never-greasy texture that feels heaven-sent. 


Its sweet-yet-subtle hint of vanilla will take your senses on a mini getaway. 


summer fridays


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