Facial Extractions What Are They?

What are facial extractions? A facial extraction is a relatively simple process where your compacted or clogged pores are cleared by either a mechanical or manual process. Clearing pores of oil and dirt buildup to give you a clean canvas for your products. Essentially, extractions are carried out during a regular facial.

However, if you’ve never had a facial before, you’re going to require more than just one extraction. So, read on as we give you everything you need to know about what are facial extractions.

Extractions are usually done because of comedones, which are commonly referred to as blackheads. The common thought about blackheads is that they contain mostly dirt. However, this is not quite correct.

Your pores become clogged from dead skin cells and sebum that is in excess. If you’ve ever noticed dark spots on the surface of your skin, these usually form as a result of oxidized air. After being oxidized, your skin darkens as it is exposed to air.

Additionally, if you have pimples and pustules, they can successfully be extracted. However, this sometimes depends on their depth and present size. If for some reason they cannot be extracted, the top layers are removed. How? A lancet is used to allow extraction of the internal contents.

It should also be noted that not all pores can be extracted on your first go. In this case, they require extra care. This means you need a few treatments before they can be properly cleared and cleaned.

What Should You Expect At Extractions Facial

During your visit, your esthetician will first cleanse your skin. This involves the use of an enzyme being applied to your skin with steam. This part of the process takes a few minutes. It essentially softens your skin to make your extractions easier to remove. Additionally, your esthetician will steam the skin for no more than 10 minutes to soften the skin for extractions.

When an extraction is taking place, it is usually done under a very bright magnifying lamp. Hence, eye pads or protective eyewear will be used to protect you from the light. The light used ensures that all of your pores, which need a deep cleansing can be easily identified.

For this procedure, before touching your delicate skin, your esthetician will put on gloves. Afterward, she will begin to apply a bit of gentle pressure to extract the contents of your pores. This is usually done with the use of either finger wrapped in gauze or a Comdeone extractor. This whole process is done within 10 minutes.

A comedone extractor has two ends. The wider end is for the back area and the smaller end is for the face. The skin is stretched by the esthetician. She then puts the loop around it, presses down, and drags. Voila, it’s gone.

When the skin starts bleeding that means she has removed all the infection. You are done with extractions.


Facial Scrubber

Another device your esthetician may use is a facial scrubber is a metal device that causes vibrations on the skin to loosen and draw out dead skin cells and built-up debris. This tool is a great tool for extracting comedones and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is gentle and helps product penetration as well.

Sebaceous filaments are prominently found in the nose area. They exist to help oil flow through the skin. If they are not properly treated they become congested and turn into an accumulation of dead skin, dirt, and bacteria. Nasty stuff, but is a reality.

What Should You Expect After An Extraction

After your extraction has been completed, an antibacterial or antiseptic toner is used to ensure that the pH of your skin returns to a natural level. This is done to prevent breakouts, which can occur after having a facial. Additionally, high-frequency currents are used as a means of:

  • Calming your skin
  • Healing blemishes
  • Reducing the appearance of redness

High-frequency will not be used on any with a heart condition, epilepsy, or pregnant




Why Should You Leave Extraction To The Pros

People who have acne usually pop or pick at their faces. However, if you’re ever going to achieve clear skin, you can’t touch or pick at your face. So, leave the extractions to the pros because you can easily damage your skin and create a bacteria outbreak.

If you didn’t already know, picking and popping tend to create the perfect environment for your condition to get worse. Bacteria are easily pushed into your pores and they will become clogged. As a result, you might experience a pretty bad breakout.

As we conclude, we have just looked at everything you need to know about what are facial extractions. We’ve also reviewed details about what to expect during and after extraction.

So, fight the good fight and leave the extractions to the pro!


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