Woodland Hills: A Great Place To Hike, Bike & Get Facials

Finding A Reliable Luxury Facial Studio in Woodland Hills, CA just got a lot easier. Getting a facial allows you to relax from your hectic life. Everyone deserves to be pampered. And, since you live in Southern California, why not treat yourself to radiant, glowing skin?

The L.A. Glow is the perfect location to get a facial. It’s right off of Topanga Blvd. It’s north of Ventura Blvd. Whether you dash in for a quick stop or stay for an entire day of shopping in Westfield The Village after your facial, you will find there is plenty to do. There’s even live music. It is so easy to unwind at The Village and listen to live music from top local artists. On top of that, it is a short hop from the famous beaches of Malibu.

I love this city because it is upscale, luxuriant and green. In addition, it is a great place to hike, bike and enjoy nature. It’s a place of calm. It’s no wonder so many people love coming in for a calming facial too!

You Want An Experienced Esthetician

Facials provide more than just aesthetic appeal. With an experienced esthetician, facials can help you:

  • Get rid of acne
  • Remove fine spots
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Tighten your facial skin, so you look younger

Are you looking for a dependable esthetician? Are you looking for an esthetician that focuses on all-natural facial treatments in Woodland Hills, CA? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place.

My name is Alicia Suggs, a licensed esthetician that specializes in spa facial massage treatments. My goal is to help you achieve the radiant glow you seek while solving any underlying skin issue.

What To Expect At My Woodland Hills, CA Facial Studio

First, it is centrally located and easy to get to. You can enjoy a bite to eat before or after your facial at:

  • Joey
  • Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern
  • II Fornaio
  • H.O.M. Italian Eatery
  • Eureka!
  • Steakology
  • The Local Peasant
  • Sushi Katsu-Ya
  • CAVA
  • Larsen’s Steakhouse

Woodland Hills The LA Glow Map of Area

A visit to my facial studio (The L.A Glow) will introduce you to a homogeneous blend of organic facial treatments. These are designed to detoxify and rejuvenate your skin’s natural glow. I also offer a free relaxing massage, hydration and nourishing exfoliant that leaves your body and soul feeling calm. Many members of the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce can attest to just how well these treatments work.

Despite being the largest human organ, most people overlook their skin. Unfortunately, many only throw a few sub-standard ointments on their body occasionally. The results you get will only be as great as the products you use and the facial studio you visit. Therefore, it is essential to choose trustworthy estheticians that are skilled and passionate about their field.

In sophisticated regions like Woodland Hills, CA, finding a facial studio that offers luxury facial massages shouldn’t be a daunting task. Beauty is a universal goal for many, so there are several offers to meet the demand. Nonetheless, there are topics to review if you are to get the best value for your money.

What to consider: It all starts with you

There is no single best facial studio for everyone’s needs. However, finding dependable acial services is as simple as comparing existing offers. Here is why you should choose my studio for all your facial treatment needs:

a) L.A Glow is a credible business with a licensed professional

Facial massage and treatment is a skill. While experience counts, it is recommended to find credible licensed professionals. They will have invested time and education to get better at their job. You can always ask to see their license or certification. However, reputable estheticians will have their accreditation conspicuously displayed on their premises.

At my facial studio, The L.A. Glow, I am big on professionalism. Also, I keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and remedies. My continuing education allows me to offer an ever expanding natural botanical treatment process that can solve skin problems.

b) I specialize in natural facial treatment

Facial studios have unique niches they serve, depending on their scope of service and capacity. A facial spa may provide a wide range of services, including facials, face massage, skin care product recommendations and more.

However, you have to decide do you want a generalist who does it all (nails, hair, eyebrows, facials) or a specialist? Someone who lives and breathes facial treatments only. An experienced professional who only focus on facials, will do a better job because that’s all they do is take care of your face.

If you are in Woodland Hills, The L.A Glow is a top-notch studio. I focus on all-natural, organic facial treatment services and products.

Some of the services you will find in my facial studio include:

  • Sculpting anti-aging uplifting facial alternative to botox
  • Refreshing hydrating facial for those with dry skin
  • Complexion even-tone facial for correcting pigmentation issues
  • Detox-acne facial treatment for acneic skin and scars
  • Tranquil back facial for exfoliation, rejuvenation and treatment of scalp and hard-to-reach spots
  • Add-on Egyptian 24k gold mask for luxury and intense anti-aging facial treatment
  • Jet-set post-flight for pre-flight and post-flight skin rejuvenation and refreshing
  • Modern man facial customized for men’s skin and needs
c) Experience in the beauty industry

Although new estheticians might meet your requirements, it is much more reassuring to work with an experienced long-serving professional. Most people assume experience is all about business longevity, but no, it is also skillset.

Some facial spas cut expenses by hiring new graduates, while new ventures may be startups by experienced estheticians. As such, it is essential to focus on the individual experience of the facial masseuse.

I have years of experience in the beauty industry. My passion is to come up with natural, effective facial treatment options that leave you relaxed, healed and glowing.

d) A thriving reputation in the area

The fastest and easiest way to gauge whether any particular facial studio in Woodland Hills, CA, will meet your unique needs is through reviewing their market reputation. Studios that have consistently provided satisfactory quality facials will attract a positive reputation in the area.

You can look up customer reviews and testimonials as well as expert ratings. Focus more on the scope of service, pros and cons raised by previous users. The L.A Glow is a credible, reputable business that depends on word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

e) I offer quality guarantees

A quality guarantee is critical when targeting acne or seeking therapeutic benefits from a procedure. Facial studios have the responsibility to use safe, eco-friendly products that protect and enhance your skin properties.

It is also essential to find professionals that offer quality guarantees, including provisions to redo the treatment if it does not meet agreed quality standards in the first attempt. As a trained professional, you can rest easy knowing your needs will be met.

Get professional a luxury facial in Woodland Hills, CA today

While there are several facial studios in Woodland Hills and Southern California in general, only a few are truly top of the line. When seeking natural facial treatments with a touch of luxury, The L.A Glow is one of the best. It is a sole proprietorship, owned and run by myself, Alicia Suggs, a licensed, experienced esthetician.

My facial studio provides both relaxing and corrective facial procedures that can help you deal with acne scars, dry skin, aging spots and uneven tone (discoloration or hyperpigmentation). Our services are also quite affordable, with most averaging below $200. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE!

Proudly doing facial treatments fOR clients in the following areas:

Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Tarzana, Canoga Park, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Hidden Hills, Topanga Canyon, Northridge, Encinco, Winnetka, Chatsworth and Los Angeles.